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mysherpas is a software technology company based in Salt Lake City, UT focused on reimagining the commercial loan experience for all stakeholders. Using the latest cloud-based technology mysherpas is redefining the borrower and lender experience.


Meet Your Sherpas Team

Joshua D Talbert
Chairman & CEO

Joshua is the Chairman and CEO of mysherpas. Mr. Talbert has more than 16 years of domestic and international business experience and has founded various businesses in real estate, medical devices, and technology industries. He has managed product portfolios of $120MM and has served on the board of $1B+ business. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of RushFire Private Lending.
Louis J Myers
President & Treasurer

Lou is a board member and President of mysherpas. Mr. Myers brings over 35 years of domestic and international commercial banking experience having served at various times as Head of Corporate Banking and Chief Credit Officer as well as Chief Executive Officer of banking organizations with assets ranging from $700 million to $30 billion. He is currently the Chief Credit Officer of RushFire Private Lending.
Donald M Wichern
Chief Technology Officer

Donald is a board member and CTO of mysherpas. Mr. Wichern has 30 years' experience programming and designing complex user and embedded systems and has been an author or contributor in over 150 patent applications. His latest projects prior to joining involved launching custom radio sensing electronics into space and designing a real-time HD image rotation algorithm for surgical use.
Matthew B Strong
Executive VP Market Development

Matt is EVP Market Development of mysherpas. Mr. Strong is the owner/operator of Sierra-West Funding based in UT. He has funded over 820 transactions and 230 million in volume and has purchased and resold over 420 single family homes in Utah. Mr. Strong is also an active buy and hold investor and received a Masters of Real Estate Development (MRED) from the University of Utah. In addition to the MRED degree, Matt is an active RE Broker and Loan Officer.
Susan Sorenson
Director Customer Experience

Susan began her banking career in 1982, working in every bank department along the way. She has been in lending since 1991, first as a loan processor and then as a loan officer in 1995. She understands all types of lending, and the day-to-day challenges that loan officers face. She knows that complete documentation and time management is the key to success. Her motto is to be always be accessible to everyone. She recently retired from the lending business to spend more time with her husband and work on the mysherpas team.
Alexander M Herrmann
Principal Software Engineer

Alex is a developer with 8 years of experience writing applications. He has been a part of 2 previous startups with Josh, Don, and Ava and has been involved in the early design, implementation, and operations of 2 applications that have 100's of thousands of active users.
Joshua N Parker
QA Automation Engineer

Josh Parker has been working for three years as a QA automation engineer. He loves finding and squashing bugs. When he's not working at his day job he does silly internet tricks.
Mouhsine Bakhich
Front End Software Engineer

Mouhsine is a Senior Front-End Engineer, with 10+ years of in-depth knowledge of front-end application development using React for building vibrant UI-friendly and high-performance web applications, he has worked for international companies in the middle east / Canada and the USA, Skillful in developing, optimizing and reworking systems to meet specific customer requirements., he takes pride in delivering quality products and exceptional customer experience.


2022 NAGGL Spring Conference Atlanta, GA Booth 15

10-12 May, 2022

We're attending 2022 NAGGL Spring Conference. We will be located at booth 15 on the conference floor and will be hosting private demos for perspective customers in our suite in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. Come by and see that latest solution to the borrower lender interaction dilemma. Not sure what that means? How many emails. Read More

2022 NADCO SPRING SUMMIT Washington DC, Booth 14

15 - 18 May 2022,

We're attending 2022 NADCO Spring Conference. We will be located at booth 14 on the conference floor. Come by and see that latest solution to the borrower lender interaction dilemma. Not sure what that means? How many emails did you send today trying to get a loan closed? Or trying to get documents from your. Read More