Action Driven Lending Platform

Our sherpas do the monotonous and time consuming activities.

They have these unique features:

Product Features

Imagine having your sticky notes, emails, attachments, texts, needs lists, and complete loan application status in a single location for all to see. mysherpas brings everything together for you in a one digital workspace for your borrowers, your team members, your manager and other stakeholders to work and drive your loan to approval.
Imagine having your standard forms auto-populate, digitally fillable, signable, and available for all to see without ever sending an email or text. Also image no more renaming files, creating folders, downloading from email, uploading to shared drive. myshepras brings it all together in an easy to use intuitive workspace for all stakeholder in the commercial lending application process.
Standardize your lending and training process for the entire lending team with templated needs lists and forms for every loan type you provide to your borrowers. Imagine having the ability to customize your needs list in real-time for every unique loan situation with a single program. No more pulling up word, excel or other programs to get the right needs at the right time. mysherpas simplifies this process and let's you maintain consistency and adaptability for every loan you manage.
With mysherpas you can review your entire pipeline with a single glance. You know what your borrowers have provided, what you need to do and what your team has left to do to complete your file and move your loan to closing. Our sherpas keep everyone up-to-date and ensure everyone knows what there is left to do without ever sending an status email or fielding a phone call.
Do you have a tried and true process that has never failed you? mysherpas software platform can adapt to you process and needs and get your loan officers operating at their highest efficiency. mysherpas will ensure your process strengths merge with our intuitive solution to get more deals through your pipeline without increasing your team size.
You can have complete confidence in mysherpas platform which utilizes the latest standards in security and cyber threat monitoring. Our data is always encrypted both at rest and on the move. Our sherpas look for threats 24/7 365 and provide you with the confidence you need to ensure your borrowers and your banks data is safe and secure.